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  • Session 2 -- The Mercenaries' Guild

    We go to visit Guildmaster Darksword at our appointed time. He agrees to see us after about a 15-minute wait. Upon arrival were taken through the facility to a reasonably large room with a big table laden with food. Wilhelm Deadeye is at the

  • Session 3 -- Ibn's House

    Its the next morning after our intense partying the night before as we tried somewhat successfully to extract information from Edward. Several of us have small hangovers but are otherwise functional after sleeping late into the day.


  • Session 4 -- More Skullduggery

    We review our plan for the evenings encounter. Bolos will take bird form and follow Nigel as he leaves from the sky, where we will follow him on the ground. Thirlim will try and follow on the ground stealthily, wearing his moccasins and black

  • Session 5 -- Still Messing with Ibn

    Thirlim inspects the lockbox he pilfered for traps and picks the lock. Inside he finds 15sp (60cp) and two empty books used to hide messages or other objects. He, of course, pockets the money and hides the books for future possible utilization. The

  • Session 6 -- This Got Bloody

    Natarra lets us know that theres only 1 guard at the servants entrance, and he often sleeps until hes relieved at midnight. The sleepy guards name is Jaqim. He works weeknights. She indicated that he would not be missed from

  • Session 7 -- Things are still bloody

    Back to bloodbathing.

    We are in the hall, surrounded by a large group of bodies. Baern breathes deeply, bringing himself under control as the red haze of rage clears from his vision. We all take a deep breath as we deal with the fatiguing effects

  • Session 8 -- Still Invading Ibn's House

    Baern, now that hes advanced up to the upstairs landing, closes one of the doors that previously spewed forth bad guys. Bolos advances upstairs cautiously, trying to keep his robes free from bloodstains. Nagarajoss also stands guard against

  • Session 9 -- Back to Bathing in Blood

    Edrick the Subplot asks if we would like assistance in dealing with Ibn, the slaver. He makes a good show of looking like he can handle a sword and shield so we decide to let him give it a go. We also are able to locate a magic healing potion that we

  • Session 10 -- A New Mission

    We have just come across the river, now with a gagged/tied/rather pissed Ibn along with us. We also have three slaves plus Edrick, who decide to take their leave and go forth. He lets us know that he owes us a favor and that hell be around if we

  • Session 11 -- Meeting the Prince

    We realize that the Prince of Cardiel is likely the Prince theyre talking about. Considering that hes both rich and powerful saving him should be a worthwhile pursuit. The soldiers loyal to the prince (the ones that are still left standing

  • Session 12 -- A Lot of Exposition

    We pick up the fight right where we left off. Thirlim charges around the edge of the table to attack Halberd guy, landing a savage blow to the mans arm thats too quick for him to parry. It creates a savage wound in his upper arm, causing a

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    Welcome to Yrth

    Im being lazy right now, but I may fill this out some day. For now, head off to the Adventure Log, where notes from 12 sessions awaits you!

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