Yrth: The Legend Begins

Session 9 -- Back to Bathing in Blood

Poor Ibn...

Edrick the Subplot asks if we would like assistance in dealing with Ibn, the slaver. He makes a good show of looking like he can handle a sword and shield so we decide to let him give it a go. We also are able to locate a magic healing potion that we give to Mathieu who suddenly looks much better than he did.


The bad guys:

• Ibn (IBN)
• Captain Fancy Helmet (CFH)
• Black Helmet (BH)
• Grey Helmet with Spear (GHWSp)
• Light Grey helmet (LGH)
• Grey Helmet with Shield (GHWSh)

The fight [re]begins. Thirlim and Edric, behind Nagarajoss to start, wait for an opening. Nagarajoss stands in the doorway, evaluating GHWSp. GHWSh steps up and takes a swing at Nagarajoss, who parries the strike while stepping backwards. LHG also steps up and swings at Baern who is unable to bring his sword to bear against the attack but fails to do so. Thankfully that was because he was already swinging his sword at the attacker as he advanced, ventilating his intestines slightly as the strike punches through his armor. This causes the man’s strike to go wide and miss Baern. GHWSp steps up as well and tries to stab Baern with his spear but while adjusting his grip he can’t quite get the right hold on it and fails to strike accurately. CFH steps to the side for no reason. Ibn remains stationary and impotent.

Ederick waits. Thirlim steps next to Nagarajoss, staying away from attackers but ready to move in. Baern strikes out at LGH and seems to poke him in a sensitive area, causing him to briefly double over in pain. Nagarajoss steps to the side to gain some room to wield his massive weapon and stabs fiercely at GHWSh in reaction to his previous attack on Nagarajoss. The speed of the counter catches his off guard just enough for the point of the weapon to slip through his defenses, impaling him painfully in the midsection. He staggers and doubles over briefly in pain. LGH screams some Arabic curses and lashes out at Baern, whose massive sword proves too heavy to get into position to parry the strike. It slices through his chest armor, eliciting a grunt of pain that doesn’t seem to otherwise affect him at first. GHWSh must be bleeding internally as he suddenly retches blood and passes out. LGH tries again to attack Baern but his motions are slow due to blood loss and he fails miserably. BH steps up but isn’t able to get past his own men to bring his weapon to bear.

Ederick steps up but is unable to land an attack. Thirlim seems to wait for Ederick to move as he’s now in the way. Baern tries to strike but seems to be in pain from his previous wound; he’s unable to land his attack. Nagarajoss stabs somebody and manages to drop them. Baern steps backwards to avoid another thrust. Menawhile LGH steps backwards, practically inviting us inward. Our opponents begin yelling in Arabic (that we can’t understand) to enter the room and not be wusses.

Thirlim steps next to the door and begins to size up GHWSp for weaknesses. Baern finds himself behind a wall and out of position to see anyone. Nagarajoss stabs out at GHWSp but his first strike proves to be a feint! The actual attack comes next, spearing him and punching through his chest armor. The man staggers briefly from the pain but manages to stay on his feet. BH steps backwards. GHWSp steps backwards, trying to improve his position, but the movement turns into a stagger and he trips backwards, passing out from blood loss. Bolos finally awakes from his slumber and casts a shielding spell on Nagarajoss, shouting for him to prepare himself for PROTECTION MAGIC!! Bolos seems quite tired at this point and sways slightly after casing the spell successfully but remains on his feet, alert.

Ederick decides to wait this round out. Thirlim does too, evaluating BH from a distance to look for a good place to axe him. Baern steps forward towards the doorway, preparing to enter the room. Nagarajoss sees no enemies in front of him and decides to fix that, stepping into the room, through the doorway; he stands on his toes, ready to spring out of the way of an attack. Edrick follows, stepping carefully over the unconscious combatants. Thirlim does the same. Baern steps forward towards the door, preparing to enter as well. CFH surveys the situation briefly and lowers his shoulder, bringing his shield up in front of him and charges at Nagarajoss. Nagarajoss easily parries his rush. He immediately counterattacks but CFH is able to parry the strike. BH steps up and strikes Edrick who easily turns away the strike with his shield. LGH stands in front of Ibn and bleeds from his wounds. Ibn continues quaking in his boots.

Edrick moves up and attacks BH who is able to block the strike. Thirlim moves up next to Edrick but his axe turns in his hand and he can’t quite make a strike. Baern stabs at CFH, waving his sword in a fancy arc to throw off his target’s defense; however the wizened guard is able to block the blow successfully. He then turns his sword towards Nagarajoss but is unable to land the strike. Nagarajoss again swings his weapon in a fancy arc and attacks CFH. His eyes go cross watching the large weapon swing around and he fails to interpose his own to stop the blow. Nagarajoss naginata helps aerate his chest cavity but the man only grunts loudly, chokes something about “for Allah,” and remains in the fight. BH steps back from Edrick and tries to attack Edrick but fails to land the strike. GH stands next to Ibn, both of them continuing their role of uselessness. Bolos waves his arms in the air like he just doesn’t care and casts a spell. CFH’s sword arm begins shaking uncontrollably, causing him to drop his sword. He utters something about sorcery that we can’t understand.

Edrick steps up after BH but his sword strike is blocked by the man’s shield. Thirlim firms his grip on his axe and readies to move, remaining in place. Baern strikes but is unable to land his blow against CFH. In response a long knife appears in CFH’s hand as it stabs out at Nagarajoss but his attack is parried. Nagarajoss immediately counters, zeroing in on what looks like a vulnerable spot in his armor, but CFH is just barely able to stop the thrust with his shield. BH adjusts the grip on his spear for a round. LGH tries to vault the desk in front of him to land in front of Thirlim on unsteady knees from his charge and can’t land the blow. Bolos casts another spell; CFH’s other arm begins shaking and his shield joins the man’s sword on the ground.

Edrick attacks with his sword in a complex arc, trying to draw his foe’s weapon out of position. Thirlim strikes at the unarmored part of the legs of the man on the desk. The swing isn’t particularly heavy but it’s enough to cause the man’s leg to buckle underneath him as it’s no longer able to support his weight. The man drops to his knee atop the desk. CFH withdraws slightly into a defensive stance and stabs out cautiously with his long knife. Nagarajoss responds with a furious parry and attack riposte, blocking the strike. Baern strikes furiously at CFH but can’t land his blow. Nagarajoss responds to CFH’s attack by striking at a vital-looking spot on his chest; CFH makes a masterful parry with his weapon, taking full advantage of his defensive stance, and manages to turn Nagarajoss weapon in such a way to make him drop it. BH tries to stab Edrick but can’t get past his shield. LGH tries to strike Thirlim but can’t connect due to pain, being on his knees, and incompetence. LGH then passes out immediately after from blood loss.

Edrick tries to strike BH but misses. Thirlim lands a savage blow against CFH, blowing past his defenses but without any power behind the swing. CFH tries to stab Nagarajoss but fails to connect. Baern once again tries to connect with his weapon, this time succeeding. CFH can’t bring his knife to bear against the new threat and the sword hits, dealing a vicious flesh wound. Baern stands up a bit straighter as he seems to regain a bit of vitality from his weapon’s bite. Nagarajoss, now unarmed, steps into CFH and attempts to grapple him but can’t quite get a proper hold. BH stabs at Edrick but can’t get past his shield. Edrick tries to use the unfamiliar weapon but it turns in his grip as he swings it in a wild feint, instead flinging it right at BH! The guard is taken completely by surprise and the weapon strikes him in the torso. It doesn’t penetrate his armor but the man still looks at Edrick with surprise.

Thirlim tries to strike at CFH’s unarmored shins but misses the strike. CFH tries to stab Nagarajoss who can’t quite turn the man’s strike. He’s able to pierce Nagarajoss’ chest armor to deal a wicked wound; Nagarajoss is able to stay on his feet after the wound. Baern responds with a fierce swing of his sword. CFH tries to step back out of the way but the sword still bites into his shoulder, ripping through armor; the man’s knees wobble but he stays up. Nagarajoss steps up into the gap and is able to grab the man’s knife arm. BH tries to take advantage of Edrick’s misstep and attempts to stab him but fails to do so.

A small knife appears in Edrick’s hand in a flash. He rushes the guard, aiming for the unarmored portion of the man’s weapon arm, but the guard is able to stop the blow. Thirlim steps up and strikes at the guard but the guard is able to parry the strike. CFH tries to wrest his arm free but can’t break the lizard-man’s iron grip. Baern steps up to BH, already dealing with two attackers, and throws everything he can into a massive strike. BH tries to step backwards away from the blow but doesn’t quite make it. The large spray of blood from the man’s chest confirms that the strike hits something that probably is best left without a sword sticking out of it. The man’s face instantly pales, making a great canvas for his own blood as it sprays onto his face; he promptly passes out from the pain. Nagarajoss tries to take one hell of a bite out of CFH’s arm, tearing off flesh and rendering the arm unusable as it’s laid bare to the bone.

BH shakes his head and comes to his senses just in time for Edrick to leap on him with the dagger, swinging it and cutting him viciously in the neck. Thirlim charges in after Ibn and strikes him; Ibn is able to step backwards, barely bringing his dagger to bear. The dagger’s hilt breaks under the fierce thrust, rendering the weapon unusable. Baern tries to sword CFH but the man somehow gets his body out of the way in time. Nagarajoss continues to chew away on his meat snack, succeeding at gnawing his arm completely off.

BH tries to get ahold of Edrick to stop him from further cutting his neck but fails to do so. Edrick responds by introducing the blade of his knife to the back of BH’s neck, directly through the front after a scenic tour of the rest of his throat tissue. Thirlim steps forward next to the now defenseless Ibn and asks him menacingly how much it’s worth him to let him live. Ibn responds insolently by throwing a gold ring at Thirlim, who laughs and lets him know that’s a good start while pocketing the ring (without others noticing! It’s worth $1,575 sold @ half value).

CFH strikes back at Nagarajoss’ face suddenly, catching him off-guard, but failing in his weakened state to deal enough damage to affect him. That seems to take the last of CFH’s strength and he passes out. Baern begins to move towards the back room that Ibn and Thirlim are in. Nagarajoss walks towards the back room holding CFH’s dismembered and gnawed arm and demands to know where the books are. Ibn’s sanity is understandably unhinged by this and he passes out on the spot. Thirlim begins going through the body and is able to find a bronze ring with a big stone. He tries to pocket it but Nagarajoss spies it and makes sure he knows we’re sharing it equally.

We’re able to locate a large, 21-lb magically locked waterproof chest that most certainly contains the books we’re after. Thirlim and Baern search the room for more valuables; Baern locates a bag of ten gold dinars. Baern grabs the long knife from CFH’s hand. Otherwise we don’t see anything else worth taking. Nagarajoss begins considering ways to cook his prize and goes home to make Captain of the Guard Roast.

We leave the house, getting out with Edrick and his few slaves who wanted to leave. The slaves help Mathieu out and we’re ferried across the bridges by Stronghand’s boats. We all make it across the river to West Tredroy, which is where we stop for the night. We get a total of six character points. We each get $353 from selling assorted loots as well as additional money for completing the job.



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