Yrth: The Legend Begins

Session 6 -- This Got Bloody

Really, really bloody...

Natarra lets us know that there’s only 1 guard at the servant’s entrance, and he often sleeps until he’s relieved at midnight. The sleepy guard’s name is Jaqim. He works weeknights. She indicated that he would not be missed from his post until his shift changes at midnight. The guards all carry heavy medium shields. Natarra verifies for us that the best way into the house is via the underground passage from the servants’ quarters to the house. She mentions that the servants may or may not raise an alarm, some of them are slaves while some are not. The passageway from the servant’s quarters to the house ends in the cellar underneath the house.

We inquire and Natarra indicates that there will be guards as well as other individuals who are up at night around the time we’re considering entering the estate. The hall has a hidden passage to the dining room with a ready-room for servants connecting to the kitchen. A couple guards are normally in the great hall as well. The great hall contains stairs to the area where Ibn can be found. Unfortunately she doesn’t recall any other details of where the books might be located. She describes the slave quarters vaguely and also lets us know that while some might want to escape and leave others might not desire it.

Joseph indicates that we’ll want to get to a specific part of the docks area of town as quickly as we can with any escapees. He provides us a street name to be at. It’s Al-Beyt street.

Natarra describes another slave that she had a good relationship with whom she wants us to keep an eye out for named Edrick, whom she described as having fair skin.


We discuss and elect to wait until the following night when sleepy guard Jaqim is working. The plan is for Bolos to watch for the sleepy guard to fall asleep and signal the group when that happens. Nagarajoss will then boost Thirlim over the wall, who will deal with the guard and let everyone else in. From there we can use the tunnel in the servants’ quarters to make our way to the main house.

During the day before Nagarajoss scouts out a safe location for some pre-home invasion meditation. Thirlim procures some oil that can be used on squeaky hinges. Bolos decides to turn into a bird during the day to see if he can, from the air or a convenient perch, look into the guardhouse.

That night we’re taken across the river by Joseph’s contacts in a small rowboat, avoiding our need to check in at the guarded bridges. We make our way to Ibn’s manor and arrive around 10:50pm. Right around 11pm Bolos is able to see that the guard has gone asleep.

Nagarajoss boosts Thirlim onto the wall; Thirlim tosses the end of the rope down to Nagarajoss to hold while he climbs down, then tugs on the rope once down so Nagarajoss knows to let it be pulled over for Thirlim to recover. Thirlim spies the guard inside, although a locked door is in the way. Thirlim oils the hinges and picks the lock successfully, then slowly opens the door.

Thirlim puts his hand over the unlucky guard’s mouth just before jamming his long knife through the man’s eye socket, ending him. Thirlim un-bars the door and opens it, going back out to the exterior of the guardhouse to keep watch. After everyone else comes in we close the door behind us, not barring the exterior door. We move to the servant’s quarters. Peering in a window Thirlim can spot a dimly lit hallway with a series of doors.

Meanwhile Bolos flies around the manor house trying to determine who is awake. He’s able to see that about half of the windows have light coming out of them.

Thirlim opens the door to the servants’ quarters and we begin moving through towards the underground passage, trying as best we can to be stealthy. Thirlim’s moccasins allow him to move more quietly than the rest of the group, akin to the shadow of a shadow’s shadow. We reach the passageway, roughly dug out of bedrock, and begin to advance down it. We move past a room extremely well stocked with drinks that may or may not be fermented. A second storage area looks to be misc storage.

Heading upstairs we locate the “secret” door leading into the house and the servant’s “ready” room. Thirlim puts his head to the ready room door and hears nothing on the opposite side. We open the door slowly to a darkened room. Thirlim is able to make out, with his good darkvision, a food prep area with the opposite door closed. Our expectation is that the next door should be from the kitchen, from where a dim glow emanates from underneath the door.

Thirlim cracks the door to peer inside. The hinges begin to squeak but Thirlim is able to stop them from doing so; he’s able to discern someone moving around in the kitchen – it looks like a guard getting a snack. Thirlim is able to finish swinging open the door and sneaks inside. Spying an opportunity he sneaks up behind the guard who is occupied with what looks like a chicken wing, and silently takes his sword from near him on the table. He takes it back to the pantry where the rest of the group waits. From there Nagarajoss and Baern creep up and, at the same time, deal a crushing blow to the back of his head while he’s unaware. He falls instantly from the force of both blows, one of them a stab. After bleeding runs its course that meal ends up being his last. Baern gets a vicious gleam in his eyes, feeling hatred for some of the crimes of this household, briefly says a prayer in Celtic and viciously stabs his sword down through the body on the floor. Nagarajoss growls his displeasure quietly and Thirlim hisses for them to pull the body into the cellar quickly, leaving a copious blood streak.

Baern moves up to the door to the great hall and listens at it. We’re all able to hear someone yelling in Arabic to Fakir that his snack is taking way too long. We let him yell and get ready near the door, waiting for him to come into the kitchen to check things out. Baern and Nagarajoss get ready at the door for it to swing inward while Bolos, Thirlim and Mathieu stand back at the ready. Baern signals to Mathieu to jump in should a second guard poke their head in. Nagarajoss is able to stand back a bit with his long weapon. Baern stands at the side the door opens to weapon at the ready.

The door opens and the guard leans in, sword still sheathed. He obviously is looking for Fakir but instead finds a huge claymore and a naginata, with which his innards suddenly and violently encounter as the guard freezes in surprise. Baern strikes his vitals while Nagarajoss’s blade takes him full in the face; he goes down hard. Mathieu, who is closely followed by Thirlim, leap over the downed body into the hall. Three guards await within.

Mathieu charges forward and is able to land a blow on his assailant. Thirlim tries to emulate but upon trying to strike his axe turns in his hand and he drops it, looking rather foolish in the process. Baern and Nagarajoss move up, with Nagarajoss giving the already-downed guard lying in the kitchen doorway a kick on the way out to knock him out. He slips slightly and instead of kicking him in the head he jabs him in the chest, putting him out of his misery with a vicious wound to the chest.

One guard takes a swing at Mathieu, who deftly steps back and parries the attack with ease. The other guards in front of Thirlim take wild swings at him but miss badly.

Mathieu steps forward with a series of complex swings, moving his defender’s shield out of position dangerously. Thirlim tries to quickly draw his long knife but fumbles the grip, taking a bit longer to get ahold of it and leaving him unable to attack with it this turn while he draws it.

Baern steps forward and strikes with a large overhand swing, connecting with his opponent and causing a loud crunch as armor and bone buckle. Nagarajoss also steps up and swings his naginata; the soldier tries to turn the weapon aside with a parry and is barely able to do so.

Side doors open and two more guards step in. One moves up and tries to strike Mathieu but he again deftly steps back and parries. The guard in front of Thirlim also strikes at him; Thirlim attempts to parry but fails to do so; the guard’s strike had no force behind it, however, and is unable to penetrate his armor and toughened skin. The guard that Baern just hit steps forward and tries to attack him but Baern also steps backwards and is able to avoid the blow. Another one steps up and tries to attack Thirlim but can’t connect with his attack.

Bolos casts a spell and the guard who just came through the door trying to attack Nagarajoss suddenly drops his sword as his hand smasms painfully.

Mathieu steps up and viciously stabs the guard whose weapon was so badly out of position a moment ago and his sword takes him through the neck and causing him to crumple to the floor. Thirlim deftly runs around behind his opponent and strikes at his back; the man is barely able to bring his shield to bear in time to stop the thrust from his sword.

Baern strikes hard at his target’s shield in an attempt to break it; the man tries to dodge out of the way but fails to do so in time. Baern lands his blow on the shield, causing it to creak loudly but it proves to be of solid construction. Nagarajoss sees his new opponent, now without a sword, and runs him through with his naginata, causing him intense pain by the sudden introduction of a blade into his intestines.

The guard fighting Baern, looking pale from blood loss, swings wildly at Baern but misses. The one on Thirlim turns and swings awkwardly; his weapon turns in his hand and drops. Thirlim favors him with a dark grin as his scimitar clatters to the floor. The one in front of Mathieu tries to attack but still is overmatched by his opponent and can’t hit. The veteran who is attempting to fight Nagarajoss realizes the trouble he’s in and commits himself to defense.

Mathieu feints his target to again pull him out of position. Thirlim attacks with a flurry; his opponent barely blocks the first one and the second one hits in a vital spot but fails to penetrate his armor.

Baern weaves his sword through the air and lands a vicious blow against his foe, whose knees wobble under the impact but remain firm. Nagarajoss tries to attack his carefully defending target who is now fully behind his shield but his first attack is blocked and the second misses entirely.

Bolos casts another spell and Thirlim’s axe begins wobbling in the air, moving towards him.

The guard lying on the floor bleeding (with the black helmet) recovers slightly and tries to begin standing. The one fighting Thirlim winds up and bashes him with his shield, the only weapon he’s holding, but again fails to penetrate his armor. Baern’s foe lunges at him but due to blood loss and previous injury can’t remain standing. Mathieu is caught by surprise and drops his main-gauche, taking a vicious wound to his torso. The vet struggling to fend off Nagarajoss steps backwards through the door he entered from, retreating into the doorway.

Bolos moves forward one step while floating Thirlim’s axe closer to him. Mathieu steps forward, stabbing his target in a vital area. A spray of blood and an unhappy expression on his face tell the tale as he sinks to his knees, clutching the wound. Thirlim sidesteps, deftly sheathing his long knife and grabs his axe, again making a wicked grin at his opponent.

Baern meanwhile, steps up and stabs Thirlim’s target, completely unaware as a sword suddenly appears in his chest. He falls forward at Thirlim’s feet, stunned. Nagarajoss stabs at his opponent through the doorway, who fails to reposition his shield in time. He takes another vicious wound that staggers him but fails to take him off his feet.

Bolos steps to the side and attempts to cast a spell. However the stressful situation causes him to mis-state some of the incantations and err on some gestures; the spell fails spectacularly, generating a large flash of light from Bolos and the smell of putrefying flesh fills the air around him.

Mathieu stabs his downed opponent in the vitals, putting him out of his misery. Thirlim winds up and delivers a savage blow to the back of his neck, causing a spray of blood as he connects with a vein. The man collapses, bleeding heavily as he slips into unconsciousness. The veteran through the doorway passes out from blood loss. We proceed to finish off the survivors efficiently.

Bolos, after one more failed attempt, is able to stop Mathieu’s bleeding and heals him nearly entirely from his chest wound.

We all receive four character points in the name of bloodbathing.



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