Yrth: The Legend Begins

Session 4 -- More Skullduggery

And stabbings? Not yet!

We review our plan for the evening’s encounter. Bolos will take bird form and follow Nigel as he leaves from the sky, where we will follow him on the ground. Thirlim will try and follow on the ground stealthily, wearing his moccasins and black face paint, using a black cloak; his night vision should also be helpful. The time is 11pm so the streets will be clearer than usual but not completely empty. The only people about should fortunately be drunken and easily avoided.

That night we meet up with Leofrick the Silent, who indicates we are to follow him. We head over to the meeting location. Bolos transforms into bird form and flutters away to observe. The rest of us hide ourselves along Nigel’s usual avenue of retreat with Nagarajoss making sure to stay an extra distance away due to his distinctive appearance.

The meeting concludes and Nigel leaves along the planned route. He doesn’t seem to notice Thirlim hiding along the route, who peels off to follow. We get the sense that Nigel is looking a bit lax based on how he’s handling protocol of being stealthy himself. He heads northward and Thirlim follows. Over an hour and twenty minutes we track him to the bridge to East Tredroy. At the checkpoint the chase slows down to avoid being seen. Nigel crosses and Thirlim, when it’s safe, emerges from the shadows to cross the bridge. He gives the checkpoint guards a story about wanting a drink from a bar now that he’s finally off work, as the G-String, our favorite bar, is in this area of Tredroy. He’s able to talk his way past the guards effectively, going through very closely to the target as Thirlim hasn’t been seen previously.

After crossing the bridge on some of the main streets Thirlim notices a change in Nigel’s posture, that he seems to be aware he’s being followed by Thirlim. He ducks into an alleyway at one point; Thirlim follows past, not wanting to give an indication that the target has seen him as he thinks Nigel is watching him from the alley as he walks past. Bolos is able to keep track of Nigel, however, and continues to follow. After a moment or two Thirlim stops to peer into a shop window and is able to use that motion to take a look back at the street, seeing the rest of the following group, and points them towards the alley in question as he closes the distance. Nagarajoss is able to easily reach the roof, where he pulls up Thirlim to get a better look for Bolos. Nagarajoss and Thirlim are able to spot him readily. We work to catch up. Meanwhile Bolos is able to spot Nigel enter the ground floor of a building. The shop in the room looks to be named Barnabas’ Books. He seems to head upstairs as a light comes on in the upper rooms.

Everyone else catches up with the Falcon relatively quickly except for Thirlim, who decides to retain his high perch and sneaks across the rooftops. He sneaks over to the house in question and spies an open window into Nigel’s bedroom. Thirlim motions for the rest of the group to go around to the other side of the building so they can talk. He proposes the rest of the group causing a distraction at the front door to draw him away while Thirlim climbs in through the open window and searches the upstairs as best he can. We discuss other potential plans as well, such as waiting for the morning to have a look around the shop. While we discuss Bolos goes back to the group to let us know that Nigel has gone to sleep. While continuing to discuss Thirlim climbs down from the roof and picks the lock to the front door of the house, then has Nagarajoss help him back onto the room.

Meanwhile Bolos flies into the room via the window, still in his bird form. He begins moving around the room to take a look but at some point disturbs a nearby bottle, causing him to wake. Bolos dives under the bed. Nigel puts the bottle back on his nightstand and lays back down.

After unlocking the door Thirlim heads inside, lured by the chance to find some valuable loot. Mathieu and Baern follow, although are not nearly as quiet as Thirlim is able to be. Bolos, upstairs, is able to notice Nigel suddenly get up in bed as the rest of us take note of Baern’s loud noise. Baern leaves while Mathieu ducks behind a bookshelf. Thirlim also leaves, closing the door behind him and hiding near by the door. Nigel comes downstairs to take a look around with a lantern and a dagger. He takes one look around and heads back upstairs, a loud “thunk” noise sounding as he bars the door as he heads upstairs noisily. Mathieu leaves.

Upstairs Bolos is able to witness Nigel root around in his books, locating a pouch that he pulls out and takes out a small stone, which Nigel crushes in his hand. Bolos is able to identify it as a spell stone, casting some kind of long-distance telepathic communication spell.

Meanwhile, after Mathieu goes out of the room Thirlim goes in and does his best to make it look like we were actually trying to steal something, taking a small bag of coppers and trying to make a mess as best he can, for a minute or two. He then leaves out the front door.

Bolos, meanwhile, is stuck under the bed for another hour while Nigel sits and reads, also opening the window slightly further. He manages to remain in bird form. After that time a cat climbs in the window and Nigel greets it after a brief moment of confusion. The cat then shifts shape, becoming what looks like an old crone after about ten seconds of mutation. He tells the old woman that he thinks he was followed, that there was somebody downstairs. She replies that maybe it was just thieves down there but Nigel indicated that he saw someone he didn’t like the looks of. The woman dismissively indicates that does seem to be a problem for him.

During that time Nagarajoss and Baern retreat about a block away and hide nearby to keep watch as Bolos is still inside the house; Mathieu catches up with them as he retreats away from the house. Thirlim heads another direction and doesn’t run into them, making good on his escape. Baern is able to make out the cat climbing in the window. They realize the imminent danger Bolos is in and decide to try and move closer to try and assist; Baern follows after.

Back in the room Bolos shifts to the side slightly, trying to stealthily gain a look at the two of their conversation. The woman stops her conversation and sniffs the air, stating that another being is present in the room. She begins moving over and bending down towards the bed. Bolos decides to launch himself into the air from the opposite side of the bed, making straight for the window. However he does so in slightly an ungainly manner, landing on the windowsill briefly before he’s able to fly further. The old woman responds immediately, commenting that a falcon is quite interesting. She casts a spell, causing Bolos to feel agonizing pain as for a second he feels a bit less dexterous. He’s still able to fly away from his current perch.

Nagarajoss and Baern are able to see Bolos fly away. They can hear voices within the room and are able to hear the conversation, although the old woman comes over to the window and closes it. The conversation turns heated and they hear the sound of fighting inside, of Nigel in great pain. It cuts off into a short, gagging sound.

At that Nagarajoss isn’t willing to let the man be killed and takes off for the house, running in with Baern hot on his heels. Mathieu is willing to go up to the door but chooses not to proceed further. Nagarajoss throws himself against the door to the upstairs, trying to break through the bar on the door. Baern follows after, also without success as the heavy bar holds fast. Nagarajoss tries to bash through with his fists and kicks, damaging it but not bringing it down yet. While Nagarajoss does his best impression of an axe Baern quickly pokes his head out the window to the upstairs room but isn’t able to see a sign of the cat.

Nagarajoss finally is able to break through; Baern goes back inside to join him. Nagarajoss and Baern rush up the stairs, busting through the final door to the upper room despite it being locked. By the time they can get in the window is wide open. Nigel is left on the floor, unmoving, and one of his arms looks to be withered and twisted badly. Baern goes to the window and isn’t able to see the guard or others coming. He then goes over to Nigel to see if anything can be done for him but finds him quite dead. They motion Mathieu back in now that the immediate danger has passed.

Nagarajoss takes a peek out the window, looking for the cat or anyone else but fails to see them. The three of them begin rooting around the house; Thirlim shows up at the house, coming back as the group didn’t show up at the rendezvous point after. He goes in and gets the story of what happened and remarks that likely the cat-mage is still around, waiting to see who came to look at the house afterwards. Nagarajoss works to snap off the withered arm, desiring to show it to Bolos for evaluation. He exits the house with the withered arm wrapped in a blanket.

We proceed with searching the house quickly, locking the front door for the time being. Baern makes his search check. Thirlim searches the upper room, locating a locked chest; Thirlim places both in his cloak. In the supply room Baern locates a small bag of silver and copper as well as some interesting looking books. Mathieu is able to locate a small bag as well. We all receive four character points and LOOTS!



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