Yrth: The Legend Begins

Session 2 -- The Mercenaries' Guild

Time for Odd Jobs

We go to visit Guildmaster Darksword at our appointed time. He agrees to see us after about a 15-minute wait. Upon arrival we’re taken through the facility to a reasonably large room with a big table laden with food. Wilhelm Deadeye is at the table along with an older man in his sixties, we estimate. He’s clean-shaven with black hair and brown eyes and a mixed complexion. He’s fairly thin, 5’11, almost as if his stats are being read out of a sourcebook. He’s carrying a sword with a very unique-looking pommel. Bolos recognizes that it’s magical. The guildmaster indicates that he’s heard of us from the trainer who gave us our “exam” (Named Tyrel, apparently). He asks to verify that we’re interested in being a part of the guild. He indicated that he has a small “project” he needs worked on by people who are new to the area and not connected directly to him; he feels that this would serve as a good test for guild membership. He states that those not interested at this point should remove themselves from the room, and refuses to give further detail. Unsurprisingly, nobody leaves the room.

Some of us recall, too, that Damieos Darksword has a “reputation” for forwardness with his politics, especially with the Emir. As such he monitors Damieos and his associates carefully; hence the reason that he’s interested in our assistance. He reports he’s been in touch with a party whose identity he does not yet know, passing information with them and, recently, receiving requests from them. He’d like to uncover their identity. Damieos states that he has a spy he’s been working through for these interactions. In order to determine the identity of his correspondent we are to work with the spy, shadowing them for a time during his next meeting with this party, and using that contact to follow those he meets with back to their source. Damieos indicates that many of the operations that are in progress with this unknown party are focused towards some kind of move towards independence for Tredroy.

Damieos gestures and a door behind him opens; he introduces the man as Leofrick the Shifty. Thirlim recognizes the man as one with a great reputation for stealth. Damieos indicates that Leofrick knows his correspondent only as “Nigel.” Their method of communication is via scrolls. As Leofrick doesn’t work to try and follow Nigel back where he came from Damieos is hopeful that will cause Nigel to become lax in his security watchfulness.

Mathieu asks if we can be permitted to carry weapons publicly for this. Damieos indicates that only small, concealable weapons will be needed for this mission. Baern asks if Nigel always leaves by the same direction, which Damieos responds that he does – towards East Tredroy. We have three days before their next meeting. That ends our audience with Damieos and the Guildmaster.

We head out for our meeting with Edward, former employee of Ibn. His name is Nadir, you cultural chauvinist dwarven thiefey bastard! His name is too long so therefore it’s being shortened to Ibn for mnemonic sake. Because his master’s name was too long to remember Edward used to be a cook in Ibn’s employ but is no longer. He very well could secretly be “just a cook” in the way Steven Segal was “just a cook” in Under Siege. Based on his previous employ and career he might respond well to either an authoritative figure or somebody acting as a peer.

We all decide to go together to sample his cuisine at the café Edward cooks at. We decide to head there at dinnertime. Meanwhile Thirlim goes to have another look at Ibn’s house. He decides to look at some of the adjoining residences, largely rich folks’ mansions. Apparently if you wear the livery of a nobleman around town you’re permitted to carry weapons. In any case decently-skilled guards seem to inhabit all the nearby residences.

That evening we go to have dinner at Edward’s new job, the restaurant at an inn in down. Thirlim identifies Edward from the provided description – a short, portly and gray-bearded man. He definitely doesn’t look particularly muslim, which also may have contributed to him losing his job with Ibn. Not only could he not recall his master’s lengthy Arabic name but he also didn’t have the religious background to properly appreciate it.

The meal we receive seems to be better than such normally found in this kind of place. Bolos pulls aside a waitress who is of only average attractiveness. After checking out her wares and evaluating her suitability for his love machine he decides to pass. Unfortunately the entire place is filled with the butch, middle-aged types that prove undesirable to his refined tastes. The barmaid gives a long stare at Nagarajoss and then turns back to Bolos. However while she is turned away Baern makes a comment under his breath about eating babies. Bolos makes some motions and speaks some magic words, pointing directly at Baern. Baern gets a funny look on his face briefly and squirms slightly in his chair as he feels oddly tickled suddenly; his face is stony as he controls himself with what is likely a supreme effort. However a brief spasm takes him and he falls out of the chair for a moment, bringing the waitress over to him to verify he’s OK. Bolos asks whether we can speak to the cook to thank him for the meal; she indicates that we can go back to the kitchen to speak with him. As the barmaid steps away Baern stops and lunges for Bolos, missing due to his position on the floor. Bolos asks Baern to calm down and then casts another spell, although this time it doesn’t seem to take effect. Baern reaches out again and this time grabs Bolos successfully. Mathieu and Thirlim step away from the table. Mathieu elects to begin making his way towards the kitchen to at least accomplish our objective in being here. While the two are fighting Thirlim picks a moment when Baern is distracted and sneaks his ale away from the table and begins to drink it, taking a couple steps back while he watches the spectacle, keeping one eye on the crowd to make sure nobody interferes.

Meanwhile, Bolos is grappled around the shoulders. He again looks to attempt to cast a spell but once again nothing seems to occur from it. Nagarajoss walks over to the two. Baern leans back, winding up and tries a wicked headbutt on Bolos, who moves slightly out of the way and averts the attack; Baern lets out a hearty laugh. Bolos again attempts to cast a spell of some sort. This time the look in his eyes says that something happened successfully; Baern attempts to move his legs together at his crotch, apparently trying to scratch a sudden flare-up of an STD, but he continues his attack undaunted. Baern once again winds up for a fierce headbut, this time putting his back into it fully. However Bolos somehow wriggles in Baern’s grip and his attack misses. Nagarajoss sees the fight is escalating and tries to step in and pull the two of them apart, taking hold of the barbarian’s torso from behind him and restricting his movements somewhat. Bolos casts yet another spell; one of Baern’s hands begins to spasm uncontrollably and he lets go of Bolos suddenly with that arm. Baern tries again to attack and is still unsuccessful. Bolos casts yet another spell and this time Baern’s other hand begins to spasm uncontrollably, causing him to entirely let go of Bolos, who steps backwards.

Meanwhile, Mathieu applauds chef Edward, trying to attract attention away from the fight. Thirlim begins trying to drain his filched tankard of ale before the fight ends. Now that Bolos is free he begins making his way towards the kitchen.

Nagarajoss tries to take Baern down to the ground and succeeds at his attack, lying on top of him on the ground. Baern takes a moment to scratch his itchy crotch fiercely, which looks especially odd with the lizard man lying on top of him and hissing in his face about stopping. Nagarajoss tries to pin and subdue Bearn from his superior position but fails to do so. Baern warns Nagarajoss in a menacing voice to get off him now or risk dire repercussions later. Nagarajoss tries to soothe the angered barbarian with some diplomatic words but they fail to stop his anger.

Edward takes notice of the compliment from Mathieu and they shake hands heartily. Thirlim continues to chug ale as quickly as he can while Bolos continues to walk towards the kitchen.

The two combatants stop struggling briefly while they talk it over, still on the floor. The patrons around our table look on at the very bizarre spectacle.

Bolos reaches the backroom and pays the barmaid for their meal, who takes his money while looking a bit stunned. Bolos apologizes for his companions’ behavior.

Baern tries to convince Nagarajoss to get off him, that things will get worse if he doesn’t get off. Nagarajoss refuses as he doesn’t want to incite further violence. The two remain at an impasse, still on the ground. Finally Nagarajoss agrees to get up provided that Bearn only headbutts Bolos once.

Bolos, meanwhile, asks where the rear exit is. Edwards points it out and Bolos leaves by it. Baern and Nagarajoss head back to the kitchen. Thirlim continues drinking.

Meanwhile Edward and Mathieu have been talking. Edward remarks that he once worked in a famous merchant’s house in the city. Mathieu inquires and Edward indicated that he made a dish that the master didn’t like, costing him his job. Mathieu offers to buy a drink for Edward after his shift is over, trying to befriend him. Edwards warms to the idea and agrees to meet Mathieu at his favorite tavern, as it looks like the fight has cleared out the house. We all agree to head with Edward to his favorite tavern.

However all of us make a rather pathetic showing of carousing with Edward, we just aren’t much fun. However Mathieu and Thirlim are able to at least get in his good graces by buying him a few drinks. Bolos decides to call it a night early and goes straight back to his home. Thirlim tries his best to pick up an attractive woman at the bar but fails narrowly.

The remaining people talk to Edward about his previous employer meanwhile. We’re able to extract from him that he did in fact work for Ibn for a few years. Apparently he was fired for making a dish that violated the strict Islamic dietary requirements. He had difficulty finding a new job in Tredroy afterwards. We also subtly get information from him about the building and its defenses. He unfortunately didn’t see much of the area, only going from the kitchen to the servant’s quarters in the back of the house. There apparently is a tunnel underground from the servant’s quarters to the main household; Edward describes its location. Apparently some of the serving women (who are all hot, Edward notes) had relationships with the guards and the other folks in the house. He also notes that servants are paid little attention to. He stated there’s a locked servant’s gate in the back that’s secured and manned by only one guard.

We finish for the night and all get two character points.