Yrth: The Legend Begins

Session 12 -- A Lot of Exposition

And the end of Season 1

We pick up the fight right where we left off. Thirlim charges around the edge of the table to attack Halberd guy, landing a savage blow to the man’s arm that’s too quick for him to parry. It creates a savage wound in his upper arm, causing a nice spray of gore as the man’s arm drops to his side, useless. He surrenders right after. Baern follows, squeezing between Thirlim and the wall, to strike foppish chick from the back. She tries to dodge out of the way of the strike but can’t quite get far enough as the tip of his blade cuts into her and her bad day gets worse as Baern puts a good-sized hole in her kidney which is accompanied by a spray of blood as she drops to the ground, dead. Nagarajoss steps forward, hopping over the table, and demands surrender from the wizard. Said wizard drops his staff and surrenders. Seeing that’s happened Bolos heals Mathieu of some of his grievous wounds. A number of soldiers are still unconscious. Maloboro the Black is sitting in a corner, sulking. The lobby next door that the rooted mage ran into contains stairs going down.

Thirlim walks up behind the mage, puts a knife at his throat, and asks who he is. Meanwhile Baern takes Thirlim’s rope and begins tying the mage up. Thirlim begins asking what he’s doing there but three guards come out of the door in the corner that the building defenders were looking at. Thirlim uses the distraction to go through the man’s clothes, taking a cloth bag and a leather bag, as well as a stone on a necklace. We also divest him of a small dagger. The cloth bag has fourteen silver pennies in it. Thirlim hands the necklace over to Bolos, who is able to determine that it’s a magical power stone. The mage is left tied up and gagged.

Wilhelm Deadeye walks out of the room in the corner applauding us for our excellent timing. He asks us to help secure the grounds, which we do. We clear out the rest of the house as well as the outskirts to the house and find no more bad guys after 30 minutes elapse. After recovering a bit Bolos heals Mathieu a bit further.

We reconvene into the room that Wilhelm was hiding out in during the fight. It’s some kind of “privy chamber” that’s not a bathroom but a private room to meet with people. Also in the chamber is a youngish-looking person who is not super old and turns out to be about 40. He’s not dressed finely, just very well. This is all supposed to be modified but in the name of journalistic integrity it shall remain as-is. This man greets us. He says, “Greetings.” Wilhelm introduces the person as a Duke of somewhere difficult to spell and a Prince of Cardiel, positions he holds simultaneously along with his duplicative age and dress. Wilhelm indicates that indecisive boy was impressed by us retrieving the books previously and is now more impressed by our defense against the Megalans. The prince says, “I am impressed.” Prince guy invites us to all sit, which we do in the not-bathroom-privy-room. He again states the obvious that it was good that we arrived when we did. He begins pontificating regarding his vision and need for men of a certain character and ability. He indicates that anyone can hire mercenaries but that he wants BELIEVERS, people who follow him because they wish it. The prince goes on to say he has a vision. “I want to see the Megalan hold on Ytarria breaken.” We all stare blankly at him for a moment before we are able to move past his mental and grammatical lapse. He motions authoritatively to one of his guards to make himself look competent again. The guards haul in the enemy mage we captured.

Prince Duke indecisive asks the mage who he works for but the man remains silent. Prince Duke states that the man is likely a danger to all of them. The mage says that he’s likely a lesser danger than this prince and that we should kill him now. Nagarajoss says something in Lizardfolk speech before he realizes that English is what he should be speaking. He restates it, asking why the mage should be listened to over the Prince Duke. The mage indicates that the Prince Duke seeks to disrupt the status quo. The Prince Duke sits there with a stony (NOT stoned) face before indicating that the statement isn’t entirely incorrect and that he wants to free all from Megalos. They continue to posture and spout ideological drivel, talking about the Banestorm. He also mentions that the mage is a member of the Ministry of Serendipity and that we should ask him all about it. Immediately after the Prince Duke of Indecisiveness states that he needs water and steps out of the room. His guards look at each other, stupefied, and follow after him. After he returns he asks that we take the mage somewhere private and interrogate him about the ministry, and that we should decide which side of this fight we’re on. Bolos seems to recall that the Serendipity guys are responsible for keeping the world safe from external threats.

We all step into the next room; Wilhelm and the Prince Duke shut the door and begin talking. The mage begins talking and indicates that he’ll freely talk and try to convince us to go kill the prince and save everyone. He indicates that the Prince Duke seeks to declare himself king of Cardiel which would disrupt the balance of power of the region heavily. Mathieu seems to sense some undefined amount of BS in the statement but can’t put his finger on it. Mathieu turns away and gestures to the rest of us, which Thirlim at least is able to pick up the meaning as being the guy is full of crap. He states that he might as well be fully truthful, that he’s worked for the Ministry of Serendipity from time to time but that he should not be allowed to unleash what he desires to, that power needs to be kept in the hands of those who currently hold it and those who currently do not have power should not be allowed to get it. He makes a statement about keeping the power of the mages restricted to the few who would be responsible for it. He then begins talking about how those in power are consorting with demons, although we’re unsure if he’s truthful about that one. He states that the Prince Duke has built his power base on a house of cards that cannot stand. He states that the Prince Duke is going to become extremely powerful but he needs our help, thus that makes no sense.

The Prince Duke suddenly decides that he is now 35 years of age, not 40.

We decide we’ve had enough. We all head back into the room, bringing the fool mage into the room. Before going in Thirlim tries to convince everyone else to at least knock the man out, that he seems a bit too smug for going to his fate. However they all disagree; Thirlim walks into the room a few paces behind to be safe. We decide to side with the Prince Duke. The mage sighs and says that he’ll see the Prince Duke in hell. The Prince Duke replies that yes, he will, but the mage will go first. We all stare blankly at him again while the Prince Duke recovers from yet another verbal gaffe. He states that he’ll revise his statement and again says “I think not, spy, but you are free to go now.” The prince lifts and points a suddenly-revealed tubular device at the mage and activates it, causing a loud bang and flash; the mage looks down at a sudden wound in his chest that’s quickly releasing blood. We’re all rather surprised by this but nobody is outright frightened and some of our ears hurt from the sound. The Prince Duke seems pleased that the device worked, and worked well, although he declar3es to Wilhelm that they should do something about the noise.

Nagarajoss asks a question regarding the power structure of Cardiel. The Prince Duke tries to respond that he’s not familiar with the structure of Cardiel but he stutters at the name of the region, Cardiel, as if it’s unfamiliar to him. For the third time that day we all look at him askance and wonder if he’s been taking some sort of drugs or if he’s drunken. He continues on after gathering his obviously scattered wits. He indicates that he wants to conquer a few of those who oppose him and that the rest will fall into line.

We ask him about the device that he used to kill the mage. He indicates that it’s called a “firearm” that was made on the “other world.” Thirlim indicates that this whole string of events was set in motion as a business opportunity. The Prince Duke indicates that we will be “well taken care of” for the work but that he does not want simple mercenaries, that he wants people who believe in his cause. Thirlim shrugs and says that he’ll believe just fine for the right price. Mathieu is easily convinced, as is Baern who indicates that his homeland would be protected from further attacks. The Prince Duke indicates that he would be amenable to sending peaceful envoys to some of his opponents to try to peacefully bring them around to his point of view; this appeases Nagarajoss. Bolos seems convinced at well. The Prince Duke indicates that he would like us to make contact with an underground group who seeks to maintain this forbidden knowledge and who need to leave Tredroy in safety. He invites us to stay the night and indicates he’ll provide us explicit instructions on how to contact this group the next morning.

The next morning we wake rested; Mathieu is fully healed by Bolos the night before. We’re provided a good breakfast feast. Wilhelm indicates that the prince has departed, leaving a scroll with instructions on how to contact the underground engineers in Tredroy. He also indicates that he wishes to give us a large sack of money with which to well-compensate his men, although he still does not wish to hire mercenaries. The sack of money contains five individual sacks containing $2,000 in gold marks.

We all gain four character points.



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