Yrth: The Legend Begins

Session 11 -- Meeting the Prince

And, of course, more bloodshed

We realize that the Prince of Cardiel is likely the Prince they’re talking about. Considering that he’s both rich and powerful saving him should be a worthwhile pursuit. The soldiers loyal to the prince (the ones that are still left standing) urge us towards the second floor where he’s located. As we’re expected the defenders indicate that we should go on ahead. We head inside through the door and come into a drawing room. It’s well-furnished and in good condition despite the fighting that’s happened in the building. At the opposite side of the room is a staircase going upstairs. Another door is present leading further inside the house. We head upstairs in search of the prince.

Upstairs we find the smoking room which is not, in fact, smoking at that time. It’s a room designed for people to go and smoke in with a variety of pipes and other smoking implements, as expected. There’s one door in the room. We all hear what sounds like fighting right on the other side of the door, which we promptly kick open. It opens into a large dining room. Three of the “bad” soldiers have two “good” soldiers backed into a corner. There are a group of other “bad” soldiers around some foolish looking guy in a purple cape who we swear will die early and who looks like a stereotypical evil mage, carrying a quarterstaff. There’s also a foppish-looking person with a crossbow and no helmet on. The foppish one actually ends up being a beautiful woman with raven-black hair. There’s also an oversized ogre-man with a halberd and fancy armor that we plan to sell for quite a bit of money. An even-larger freak is present in the room with a gigantic axe. There’s also a grizzled-looking person with a fancy bow.

Mathieu, eager to get into the fight, charges past Baern and leans forward to stab one of the swordsmen attacking the defending forces but the man is barely able to bring is shield to bear in time, stopping the attack. The guy with the fancy bow begins aiming at Baern. Foppish chick steps forward and aims her crossbow at Mathieu. Thirlim moves forward into the room, stepping past Baern. He does so just in time for the guy with the axe to step forward. Thankfully he sees Thirlim as too attractive to want to hurt and the man steps up to swing at Baern instead in a wide side-arc. Baern isn’t quite able to bring his sword to bear in time but he stumbles slightly in the process, stepping out of the way of the attack just barely. Baern recovers in time to bring his own sword to bear, swinging it fiercely at the man, who can’t quite get out of the way in time. The sword bites into his torso, dealing a painful wound. Halberd-guy moves forward a few steps, getting ready to enter into the fight. Nagarajoss slips his naginata past Baern and jabs it into axe guy, dealing another vicious wound to him. The big man can’t stand the sight of his own internal organs and he passes out. The loser in the purple cape decries the annoying distraction. He casts a spell and Thirlim becomes stunned. One of the rank-and-file soldiers steps forward and takes a swing at Mathieu but misses. The other three standard soldiers take shots at the defenders. The first lands his blow but his target blocks. The second defender takes a mace to the chest, crunching a couple of ribs and causing him to double over in pain, out of the fight for now. The second defender manages to do better, blocking the mace. He hits back but mace man is able to block the attack. Bolos steps forward and begins to cast Haste on Nagarajoss, causing his movements to begin to speed up slightly as he weaves the spell (but doesn’t complete casting it yet).

Mathieu uses a complex motion of his weapon to confuse his opponent; the man actually stumbles slightly to the side as he tries to follow the motion of the weapon. Bow guy steps to the side slightly and looses an arrow at Baern, striking him and dealing a vicious wound to his neck. Foppish chick fires a crossbow at Thirlim but he’s able to block it with his shield barely in a highly stylish manner, as if by a stroke of luck. Unfortunately he remains stunned. Baern charges forward and jabs his sword at halberd-man. However he bangs his knee painfully against the table in front of him and he messes up his grip; his sword turns in his hand and he needs to spend some time getting his grip steadied again. Nagarajoss steps forward but does nothing further. Purple cape man begins casting a spell. Mathieu’s opponent tries to strike but his sword misses badly. Mace man strikes at his downed opponent with the broken ribs and hits, dealing another painfully crushing blow to the already hurting armsman who promptly expires as his head is caved in. The other mace man scores a hit on the remaining defender who fails to bring his shield up in time. More ribs crack loudly and the other man doubles over in pain. The maceman’s partner jabs a spear in for good measure; his poor opponent can’t get out of the way in time and promptly passes out. Bolos completes casting his spell and Nagarajoss’ movements speed up to a blur.

Mathieu, who has badly confused his opponent’s defenses, winds up and rams his rapier through his target’s eye, poking it out; the man passes out, fortunately for him. Bow guy drops his bow and yanks out his sword and shield. Halberd guy puts his back into it and tires to bring his weapon down on Bearn in a wide arc. He can’t quite get out of the way in time so the blade takes a bite out of him, dealing a nasty wound again. Foppish chick steps backwards and begins readying her crossbow again. Thirlim continues being stunned. Baern gets his weapon ready again. Nagarajoss steps forward and does something painful. Purple cape freak tries to send a fireball at Baern but Bolos is able to cast a spell that redirects it harmlessly. He also casts a healing spell on Baern, knitting some of his wounds. The armsmen step forward. Mathieu makes an amazing feint and again bamboozles his opponent.

Bow guy deftly hops on top of the table, moving towards Nagarajoss. Halberd guy, feeling the pain from Nagarajoss, steps forward into a defensive stance. Foppish chick continues readying her crossbow. Thirlim finally is able to shake off the stun spell and begins to hold himself normally. Baern tries to step forward but at first looks a bit woozy but recovers quickly out of sheer will and a bit of luck. He attacks bow man, standing on the table, who fumbles his shield and can’t at all bring it to bear. Baern’s sword takes a large bite out of the man in the process. Nagarajoss takes advantage of bow guy’s mishandling of his shield and levels a vicious attack which he fails to parry. He’s rewarded by a hole in his abdomen and a spray of blood; the man collapses on the table, dropping his sword. Purple cape loser casts a spell on halberd guy, casting a defensive spell on him. Mace man steps forward and takes a swing at Mathieu, who steps backwards away from the attack. Spearman steps up beside him and takes a shot at Baern, who also steps backwards away from the blow. Bolos casts a spell but the target spearman) is able to resist it successfully.

Mathieu winds up and carefully guides his rapier straight into the face of maceman, aiming straight for the man’s eye. Because of Mathieu’s wild feinting earlier he can’t block in time and his eye joins the other one plucked out by Mathieu. As the skewered eyeball sails through the air, trailing a bit of optic nerve flapping in the wind like a ribbon, the man staggers and passes out. Bow guy shakes off his wounds and finds himself lying prone on the table without his weapons. Halberd guy stands still, waiting for someone to come within his reach. Crossbow chick continues reloading. Thirlim runs up to the table and upends it, dumping bow guy over as the table is now on its side. Baern then steps forward and takes a swing at the remaining mace man, who barely blocks the attack in time. Nagarajoss steps up and aims his naginata straight into the face of the remaining maceman, hitting home and dealing a nasty wound that causes an artistic spray of blood and bone as he collapses and expires on the spot. Purple cape man runs like the wimp he is. Spearman drops his weapon and surrenders. Bolos suddenly winks out and appears right behind the fleeing purple cape idiot. As soon as he shows up Bolos gathers himself and immediately casts another spell. The mage’s feet are immediately rooted in place as he stops suddenly.

Mathieu vaults the table, running after the mages. Bow guy, on the ground, surrenders. Foppish bow chick, who has just completed reloading her crossbow, is now presented with the target of Mathieu right in front of her and fires. Bolos is able to see her fire out of the corner of his eye but she fires before he can deflect the shot with magic. The bolt strikes his torso, dealing a nasty wound. It doesn’t seem to affect him much, though, as he turns his attention towards the bitch. We stop there with it about to be Thirlim’s turn to act. He plans to hold action until after Baern acts to move and attack either halberd guy or foppish crossbow chick, vaulting over the table.

We all receive three character points.



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