Yrth: The Legend Begins

Session 10 -- A New Mission

And more blood...

We have just come across the river, now with a gagged/tied/rather pissed Ibn along with us. We also have three slaves plus Edrick, who decide to take their leave and go forth. He lets us know that he owes us a favor and that he’ll be around if we call for him. We give Ibn a good thwack on the head to quiet his…disquiet. During the boat ride Thirlim puts his knife under Ibn’s neck and threatens stabbing should he make any noise; that quiets him down.

Joseph Strongarm shows up at the crossing point. He notes our discussion regarding Ibn’s fate and directs us that he represents a dangerous man and that we should treat him with caution. Thirlim continues to maintain that we need to tie up that loose end; Baern is ambivalent at this point while Nagarajoss isn’t happy with the idea. His mind already made up, Thirlim goes looking for a heavy object to tie Ibn to. We elect to dispatch Ibn, tie his body securely to a heavy object and drop it in the river. We give him a moment to pray and while he’s doing that Baern lops off his head with his sword, with a spray of blood. We adjourn for the night.

Mathieu goes back to Bolos’ place and receives magical healing each morning; he’s fine in a few days.

Before going to deliver the requested books we open the chest and take a look at them. While the script looks similar to Anglish we can’t decipher it; it’s very similar to Aralaise, about something called the “Italian Wars” and “L’Espagnia.” The pictures don’t look anything out of the ordinary, although there are some strange contraptions. We take the books to Wilhelm Deadeye the next day. He gives us each two bags of money totaling $1,400. Added to the $353 from selling loot (see previous note) we total $1,753. After the 20% to the mercs guild (out of the 1,400) we each net $1,473. Cost of Living after a month’s time will be another 600.

Several days pass while we rest up, heal, spend loot, and all pursue our own separate interests.

A messenger comes up to us all after a few days that we’re being summoned to Wilhelm Deadeye’s residence that evening, mentioning something about an important opportunity. Under GM compulsion we all agree to go.

That night Wilhelm greets us all. He’s rather excited as he tells us he has a very special opportunity for us. He states that an unnamed, important person has heard of our accomplishments and they’d like to meet us further. He indicated that while he can’t offer money for us to attend the meeting a job might be in it for us. He refuses to divulge the identity of the person we’d meet with, stating that it’s not a matter of trust but that he’s been forbidden from revealing their identity and that we will not be in danger from going to this meeting. We all agree to attend. Wilhelm takes a small stone out of a pouch and provides it to Bolos, stating that it has a pathfinding spell on it that must be used within three days. He provides a code phrase to utilize to activate it and states that a day’s march will be part of the journey. From there Wilhelm dispenses with the business talk and he treats us to a six-course feast. Thirlim manages to catch the eye of one of the serving girls and manages to take her home with him, while Baern fails to do so.

We prepare for the day’s march, taking mounts out of the city and gearing up. We travel and approach from the west in a large field, coming up to the gatehouse. We take note that, from a distance, the gatehouse is missing something; Baern and Bolos are able to make out that up against the side of the gatehouse an arm is hanging at a weird angle, which may or may not be attached to a person. Baern calls a halt to our movement and points out the arm. Thirlim can faintly hear, from the house, the sound of battle, and announces it to the rest.

As we get about 40 yards from the gatehouse we notice a number of fresh bodies near it in various states of progression towards dead-ness. They have normal battle wounds, some with crossbow bolts. We can identify two groups from their liveries. Baern is able to make out a group who look like mercenaries, although they’re well equipped ones. It looks as though some kind of magic was used from the scorch marks on the gate as well as the dead troops. Inside the gates there are a significant amount of additional bodies strewn about the tree-lined path towards the main grounds with the same scorch-marks around. About halfway to the manor house a few of us can see a small battle taking place near the circular tower with three defenders being overwhelmed by six attackers. Baern feels an odd tug from his sword calling him towards battle with the six attackers. That’s good enough for the rest of us, who advance with him.

As we move forward from behind them unnoticed Thirlim takes aim and hits one of them in a sensitive spot from behind. Nagarajoss charges forward and is able to stab at one of them in the kidneys with his long weapon. A naginata blade suddenly appears in the man’s chest, punching through both his rear armor and front armor and carrying bits of kidney out the other side. He has time to look at his own internal organ briefly before dying. The attackers suddenly realize that they’re being attacked from the rear and the two remaining in the back with spears turn to face the new threat.

Mathieu charges forward to strike the nearest spearman, feinting him in such a way to make the man’s eyes cross and seemingly stick in that position. Thirlim moves forward, dropping his crossbow and drawing his axe. Baern also moves forward next to Mathieu and swings his sword downward in a wide arc to attack another spearman but the attack is blocked by the man’s large shield. Nagarajoss steps forward slightly and is able to skewer another in the back, through and through. Amazingly, though, the man stays on his feet as he apparently doesn’t miss his upper intestines very much. The man responds to this new threat by stepping backwards to keep in view both his previous attacker as well as Nagarajoss. Mathieu’s opponent tries to spear him but Mathieu deftly steps out of the way. Baern’s target also tries the same, with similar results. Bolos continues to observe the battle.

Mathieu takes advantage of his cross-eyed foe, aiming for and spearing him in the vitals but the man’s armor stops the blow. Thirlim is able to charge around behind one of the spearmen and attack him from the rear but the man is able to bring his weapon to bear just in time to parry the attack. Baern attacks the same target, beating against his shield, but he manages to repel the attack as well. Nagarajoss steps into position and again deals a savage wound to his previous target, stunning the man so that he drops from his feet. Mathieu’s foe tries in vain to attack him but can’t land his strike; the same with Bearn’s attacker who is luckier, dealing a minor wound to him that Baern laughs off.

Mathieu again feints his opponent cross-eyed. Thirlim winds up and axes his opponent from the rear, stunning and dropping him despite the blow glancing off his neck armor and hitting him in the torso instead. Baern takes a wide step forward and, putting his back into it, swings his sword in a wide arc that takes a large chunk out of the man’s neck, staggering him with the force of the blow but failing to drop him. Nagarajoss steps forward a short distance to get in range and runs yet another kidney through, this time managing to pull the entire organ out of the man’s body and outside his armor completely intact along with all of the surrounding tissue and organs. In fact so large is the spray of blood and guts from the impact that the organ is blasted clean so its structures can be clearly seen by the man. Miraculously he stays conscious and tries to continue fighting as Nagarajoss withdraws the weapon and his kidney drops to the ground. As his turn comes around to act he decides that he’s had enough and passes out.

Mathieu takes advantage of his foe’s disoriented state and jams his rapier into the man’s face, running it cleanly through to a bad place and dropping him. Thirlim steps behind the remaining opponent and again tries to axe him in the neck but again manages to have his weapon glance off the man’s armor and strike the torso, failing to penetrate his armor. Baern has better luck, ramming his sword into the man’s kidney and dropping him.

The three defenders we saved look a bit confused, not yet relaxing their guard as they try to size us up. All three of them move to finish off a downed attacker but have trouble getting through the man’s armor, dealing superficial damage that finally knocks him out. One of them finally steps forward and asks what we’re after, asking if we’re Wilhelm’s friends. He asks us to come inside quickly as the Prince (which prince, we have no idea) is in danger.

After that we end for the night. We receive four character points.



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